About Me

Hey there and welcome to ThatTopKnot!

My name is Mary and I’m obsessed with all things related to skin care, makeup, and all that other “girlie” shit. I am not an expert (on anything to be honest), just your typical chic who spends her hard earned cash at Sephora and loves to talk beauty with anyone who will listen. I have become that person who friends come to for advice on these topics and because of that I have created ThatTopKnot.

Why ThatTopKnot?  Well, it’s the most versatile hairstyle there is in my opinion.    You can create a sleeck Top Knot for that wedding you’re attending, a sexy and effortless Top Knot for that third date, or that quick messy workout Top Knot.  It could also be because it’s the hairstyle I most often rock.  Who knows…

Positivity over everything: Love comments!  We can always learn from each other and who doesn’t love to engage in a good discussion?  If you wanna drop a comment keep it positive, leave that negative shit at the door because no one has time for that.  If I feel that any comments are going rogue I will delete them so don’t be surprised if it happens.

Disclaimer: As stated above I am not an expert and any opinions you find here are my own unless otherwise noted.  I have been wrong only once before so there is a chance I maybe wrong again.  Oh and that was a joke, I am wrong all the damn time.